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Wicky's Band


This band of three stoats led by Wicky lived in Mossflower Woods near Redwall Abbey.

Wicky and his stoats found Malbun Grimp and Crikulus, who were running for their lives from Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra. The stoats tied the Redwallers up, but Skipper of Otters and Log-a-Log Groo rescued them and sent the vermin packing.

The band later discovered Brockhall. Kligger entered but was promptly killed and eaten by the snakes. The other two ran for their lives. Soon afterwards Skipper and Groo found them and interrogated them about the snakes. The two stoats were let free and they promised never to be seen in Mossflower again.

Known members


Wicky's Band appears in Triss.

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