Species:Water Rat
Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by freed slaves
Appears: Marlfox

Wilce was a female water rat who allied herself with Lantur. She was good at making ghostly sounds; Lantur used her to frighten Queen Silth with a dummy White Ghost. After Lantur killed Silth, Wilce and another rat named Ullig were promoted to the highest water rat ranks, but were demoted again after Mokkan killed Lantur and proclaimed himself King; however, Wilce and Ullig told their fellow water rats that the demotion was a rumor merely and took control once more behind Mokkan's back.

When the slaves of Castle Marl were freed, Wilce took part in the battle, but tried to flee when it began going wrong. Several slaves saw her trying to flee, and fell upon her and killed her; her final scream of terror startled everybeast so much it brought an abrupt end to the battle.

She was apparently a very cruel beast, as she once had a slave beaten merely for looking at her; she also revoked the slave's food privileges when the weather was too inclement for them to work one winter.