Wilfred Smithers

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:Chapelvale
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Wilfred Smithers, who often went by the nickname of Wilf, was a resident of the village of Chapelvale. He was the son of Obadiah and Clarissa Smithers. He was also the leader of the Grange Gang, a local gang of bullies.

Wilfred was one of the impediments in Ben and Ned's search for the deeds to the village of Chapelvale. Together with his gang, he frequently harassed Winifred Winn and tried to pick a fight with Ben several times.

The first time Ben encountered him, Wilfred was harassing Winifred with clods from a compost heap. Ned scared the bully away, which led to a friendship between Winifred and Ben. The next time they met was in front of the local library, where Will tried to punch Ben and hit the wall instead. Due to Ben's quickness and his several hundred years of experience, Wilfred lost the fight.

Wilfred broke his hand in punching the library wall, and his next attack on Ben was to dare him to go into a house where a mad professor lived. Unbeknownst to him, Ben had already met the professor, whose name was Jonathan Preston, and Ned overheard Wilf's conversation. Ben and his friends then worked out a scheme to scare Wilfred. At midnight, Alexander Somers agreed to go into the building instead. Jonathan came out and "killed" Alex, and the Grange Gang ran off scared.

Wilfred ended up cowering in his bed at home, and his father became greatly displeased. He sent Wilf off to boarding school, which ended Wilf's attacks on Ben.

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