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Place of Origin:Southsward
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Wincey was a young mousemaid who was found by Joseph the Bellmaker, Rufe Brush, Durry Quill, and Hon Rosie. Her 'brother' was a young squirrel named Benjy and her 'sister' was a tiny ottermaid named Figgs. They lived on an island with a cove of wrecked ships, though she, Figgs and Benjy originally came from Southsward. They were taken care of by Burrom until that hedgehog died from a head injury. Benjy kept Burrom's death a secret from Wincey and Figgs.

Wincey, her sister and her brother were adopted by Gael Squirrelking and Squirrelqueen Serena after the Battle for Southsward.

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