Winifred Winn

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:Chapelvale
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Winifred Winn, also known as Winnie, was the old widow of Captain Rodney Winn and mother of Jim Winn. She resided in the English village of Chapelvale, and was continually tormented by the local Grange Gang. She had a cat called Horatio.

Although Winnie was in fact the legal owner of Chapelvale, she lacked the proper documentation to prove this and Obadiah Smithers, as representative of the London firm Jackman Donning & Bowe, tried the chase her and the other inhabitants out of the village, in order to expoit the area for limestone. Thankfully, through the efforts of Ben and Ned, as well as Philip Teesdale Mackay and Jonathan Preston, the proper documentation was eventually and thus thwarted the efforts of Smithers and his ilk.

In spite of her age, Winnie as quite active both in mind and spirit and acted at first as the sole resistance to the bullying forces of Smithers. With the help of Ben and Den, her courage eventually inspired the other villagers to fight for their rights as well.

During their stay in Chapelvale, Ben and Ned resided at Winnie's house.

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