Wulpp TV Series
Wulpp from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Wulpp was a searat under Tramun Clogg's command. After being injured by a javelin to the paw, he was medically treated and spared by Brome. He turned to Badrang's horde after Clogg was captured. Later, during a charge against the Fur and Freedom Fighters, he was nearly killed by Brome. Wulpp cried out at the last second, however, and Brome spared him, instructing him to head north. He and Clogg were thus the only vermin survivors of the Battle of Marshank, although it is not known if Wulpp survived after he fled.

Wulpp does appear in the Redwall TV Series, but is not named and is given an even more minor role than in Martin the Warrior. However, the TV Series does show Wulpp managing to find out that Brome was indeed a mouse after all, before finally being knocked out by a falling sack. He is killed later in the Battle of Marshank.

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