Young Dinny


Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Daggers, pike, sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Mossflower, The Legend of Luke, Doomwyte
Mentioned: Outcast of Redwall, AbbeyCraft

Young Dinny was the grandfather of Togget and the grandson of Old Dinny; he inherited all of his grandsire's talents. Dinny was an excellent digger and a good thinker, assisting with the riddles that Gonff and Martin the Warrior had to solve to get to Salamandastron. He accompanied them on their journey and helped them out of many tight spots. Dinny also made friends among the Bat Mountpit tribe. The bats were quite fond of Dinny and his rustic mole accent and considered him to be a fat bat with no wings. Dinny liked the idea, reasoning that he could "fly through the earth."

Later on, when the three friends were stuck in the Screamhole, he demonstrated his digging skill when he dug almost straight up and retrieved a large net, which allowed them all to escape. When Dinny returned to Mossflower Woods, he found great merriment in triggering the ballista, which was built by Timballisto in the final attack on Kotir. He later became the first Foremole of Redwall Abbey.

He also accompanied Martin the Warrior on the search for his origins.

Dinny was educated in writing molescript.


  • The first Foremole of Redwall Abbey and direct ancestor of Foremole is mentioned in Redwall.
  • In the Ace fantasy synopsis on the first page, Dinny's name is misspelled as KInny