Zaran the Black

Zaran rescuing Dubble

Place of Origin:Unknown Holt
Weapon: Swords (joined at hilt)
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Zaran the Black was a sable-furred female otter who vowed revenge against Korvus Skurr and the Doomwytes for slaying her mate, Varon, and her daughter, Namur. After their deaths, she watched the Doomwyte lair for many seasons, excavating out the hillside above which the cave was situated, in an attempt to cover the only entrance to the Doomwyte's cave in the hopes of suffocating them. She rescued Dubble from the Wytes, and befriended him, along with Bisky and Spingo. Zaran ultimately got her vengeance after she drowned Korvus Skurr in a river and collapsed the cave, with help from Frubb and Laird Bosie McScutta o'Bowlaynee.

She wielded a pair of swords that were joined at the hilt, and her warcry was Eeeezaranaaaaaa!. After Korvus Skurr's death, she moved to Redwall Abbey and eventually mated with the otter leader, Skipper Rorgus. They had a son named Rorzan.