Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Rapier, spear
Death: Killed by Sabretache
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Zigu was a tall male ferret corsair and an ally of Swartt Sixclaw. He was unique among corsairs in that he affected the manner of a gentlebeast and was highly intelligent. After losing his ship in a gale, he and his crew roamed around Mossflower before joining Swartt's horde. Excellent with a rapier, Zigu claimed to have murdered his own father. Zigu secretly planned to take over Swartt's horde and only told his companion Welknose of this. During one of the first attacks on Salamandastron, Zigu lead a frontal attack on the mountain stronghold and killed Fordpetal. Zigu engaged in a duel with Sabretache, but found himself outmatched against the hare's superior swordplay and had to resort to other tactics in order to throw him off balance. Zigu lost and was killed by Sabretache.


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